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People | 02 Jun, 2019
Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang
FPT Chief Digital Transformation Officer
FPT Digital Academy Senior Advisor

Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang is FPT Chief Digital Transformation Officer (CDTO) and the head of FPT Digital, FPT’s digital consulting subsidiary. He is also the Senior Advisor of FPT Digital Academy. With the new way of delivering value to customers, his recent focuses are business outcomes, innovation, and continuous improvement. He has driven digital transformation initiatives for both FPT, its subsidiaries and various Fortune 500 clients.

He is an experienced strategist with a hands-on background. Since 2006, with more than 11 years working in FPT Software, Giang had marked his contribution in various big & important projects as Technical Auditor and Chief Solution Architect.

Giang was CTO of FPT Software who was in charge of technology strategy, technology capability development, and R&D activities. He led the Solution and Technology Unit (STU) which was a specialized unit of technical architects, solution architects, enterprise architects, and scientists.

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